Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Dear all

The good news is that restrictions in England have now eased and as such businesses and venues are opening up for group events. The bad news is that COVID-19 is still a concern and appears to have set in for the long term with the proliferation of several variants.

Across the UK our vaccination program appears to be having a marked effect by lowering hospital admissions and deaths. However, cases, hospital admissions, and COVID-related deaths are still rising so we all need to take precautions.

Why do I need to take precautions as I have both vaccinations and I think I can fight the virus?

You may be right, you may be able to overcome the virus with little or no symptoms whether vaccinated or not. However, vaccinations will not stop you from catching COVID-19 and will not stop you from passing it to others, who may not yet be vaccinated or may not even be able to be vaccinated at all. So, there is still a risk that you could be the source of suffering for friends, family, and associates by not taking precautions in consideration of them, even if you are not concerned about yourself.

At CWCK our desire is to return to a training syllabus that closely resembles what we did before the pandemic was announced in March 2020. However, there is an understanding that we have to adjust to give students confidence that we are maintaining safety and fulfilling our duty of care.

As such CWCK are following the general guidance given by the UK Government and more specific guidance given by governing bodies of group exercise and Chinese Martial Arts, as identified and linked below:

Currently, this means:

  • Classes in Cheltenham at the Reddings & District Community Centre are open.
  • Classes in Stroud at Physability and the Stretch Clinic are open

All current members who have expressed a wish to continue person-to-person training have their memberships and insurance renewed. Any members who have not yet done so and wish to continue training with us must contact Sifu Steve Woodward before attending a class.

New students are now being welcomed at any class, however, please contact us first to ensure that we can accommodate you as some classes will be restricted on capacity.

CWCK looks forward to welcoming you back soon but, until then, we hope you stay safe and well.

Best regards

Sifu Steve Woodward.

Gloucestershires' regional headquarters of Midlands Wing Chun Kuen. We offer authentic Yip Man Wing Chun taught in a traditional, holistic manner offering safe and enjoyable training.