Coronavirus Update

Dear all

Unfortunately, all of our CWCK classes must now close until further notice. This affects both classes in Cheltenham and Stroud and is due to the social distancing restrictions that are being placed on us all as a result of Coronavirus!

We have been taking precautions within our training practices however, measures are now being escalated resulting in a need for us to cease operating.

Please be assured we will be back when we are able and we will post messages to advise when that is likely to happen.

CWCK hopes that you keep safe and well and hopefully the measures being put in place now will protect us all in the future.

Best regards

Sifu Steve Woodward.

Gloucestershires' regional headquarters of Midlands Wing Chun Kuen. We offer authentic Yip Man Wing Chun taught in a traditional, holistic manner offering safe and enjoyable training.