Coronavirus Update

Dear all

Unfortunately, all of our CWCK classes remain closed until further notice. This affects both classes in Cheltenham and Stroud and is due to the social distancing restrictions that are still in place for us all as a result of COVID-19!

We have seen a relaxation of restrictions in the UK as we all start to adjust to a new normal and when able, we will re-open our classes. At that point, we will continue to take precautions within our training practices to allow safe training and reduce the risk of virus spread.

When able to re-open we will notify via the website, although those of you that have remained in touch will be the first to know.

We hope that all are keeping safe and well and that we will soon be able to meet in person again to resume our group training.

Best regards

Sifu Steve Woodward.

Gloucestershires' regional headquarters of Midlands Wing Chun Kuen. We offer authentic Yip Man Wing Chun taught in a traditional, holistic manner offering safe and enjoyable training.