The Wing Chun Collective (TWCC) formerly known as Cheltenham Wing Chun Kuen, is owned and run by Sifu’s Steve Woodward and David Akroyd-Jones who currently operate schools in Cheltenham and Stroud.

TWCC was a natural progression of Cheltenham Wing Chun Kuen that was formed in 1994 since which time Sifu’s Woodward and Akroyd-Jones have trained under the personal tuition of Sifu Shaun Rawcliffe attaining a high degree of skill within Ip Man Wing Chun.

During its time CWCK hosted many seminars for the Midlands Wing Chun with Grandmaster Ip Chun and Sifu Shaun Rawcliffe and their teachers have visited Hong Kong on many occasions to further knowledge and experience and to nurture a positive training environment in the UK.

TWCC is a group of teachers and students who have a love of Wing Chun and all things related to Wing Chun. Members are not aligned to any particular Wing Chun family and are free to explore the many twists and turns of this particular style. However, none of us has forgotten our roots and long history that form the basis of our understanding and are integral to our insatiable thirst for knowledge.

The Wing Chun Collective is a new venture with exciting opportunities to grow, however, at its core, it has the same principles, aims and benefits that we have developed over the last 30 years.

 Aims of TWCC:

  • Promote traditional, authentic Wing Chun
  • Provide a stable, structured, and safe training environment
  • Provide development of students’ ability
  • Provide a route for students who have an aspiration to share their knowledge with others

Benefits of training with TWCC:

  • Access to courses and seminars for example; First Aid, coaching, and sports sciences
  • Private lessons for rapid individual progression and convenience

Authentic Wing Chun Kung Fu taught in a traditional, holistic manner offering safe and enjoyable training.