CWCK continued on this path for over 25 years until the emergence of COVID-19, in 2020. At this time public health and legal considerations required that everyone reassess their priorities. Inevitably, as with many other organisations, CWCK had to review its training practices and unfortunately had to close its classes in March 2020.

It was not until July 2021, after 16 months, that CWCK was able to fully re-open!

During this time, many people needed to reassess family, work, and recreation according to their own physical and mental health needs and decided to make changes. Although CWCK offered weekly online meetups to support students throughout the pandemic it was difficult to keep connected and some members fell away meaning that in July 2021, CWCK was facing the fact that, bar from a few core students remaining, it would need to start building up its student base again from scratch.

Throughout this time however, Steve, Dave and Simon remained committed and devoted to their Wing Chun and despite the physical distance between them kept in close contact to navigate their way through the challenges ahead, including personal re-assessment of their own situations.

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Authentic Wing Chun Kung Fu taught in a traditional, holistic manner offering safe and enjoyable training.