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Wing Chun Poem – written by Master Ip Chun

In July 1999 Master Ip Chun visited the UK to give a series of seminars for his most senior Western student Sifu Shaun Rawcliffe. As part of the Midlands Wing Chun Kuen the Cheltenham branch was once again privileged to be able to host one of these seminars. In actual fact, this was the 5th time that Master Ip Chun had visited and conducted a seminar in Cheltenham for Cheltenham Wing Chun Kuen.

In addition to the privilege of being visited by Master Ip Chun, we were also presented with a Chinese poem written by the Master himself.

The poem speaks of an old tree that is flourishing and blossoming, representing Master Ip Chun’s own teachings that he has spread throughout the world. The beautiful flowers and fruits that he speaks of are the skills that he sees ripening and being cultivated throughout the world.

Below is the poem and beneath it translation of the characters:

Poem written by Master Ip Chun himself
Poem written by Master Ip Chun himself

The above couplet of Chinese poetry should be read down and from right to left. The first line starts with the character WING and the second line CHUN.

Singing a song

The old tree whirling (dancing) in the wind.

The leaves flourishing, the branches lush

and the flowers in full blossom

Spring Breeze

The peaches and the plums resplendent

Beautiful flowers brilliant reds and purples

and the fruits sparkling greens