Foundation Years (1982 – 1993)

Steve Woodward and David Akroyd-Jones started learning Wing Tsun/Wing Chun in 1982 and 1983 respectively with a club based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. The club was new and loosely associated with a Wing Tsun school in Paderborn, Germany through its senior instructor who had received training from Ulli Portsteffen and his senior students in Germany.

During this time they reached a high level of Wing Chun skills and were teaching their own classes. However, as time went on they realised that something was lacking in their instruction and subsequently their understanding of Wing Chun. They spent many hours training with their instructors, and each other and had developed a love of Wing Chun but the ‘missing’ element led them, in 1993, to seek additional clarity and they started to investigate other Wing Chun families and styles in an attempt to enhance their knowledge and skills.

During this investigative period, Sifu Steve Woodward attended an Eskrima seminar in Birmingham and learned about a seminar being hosted by the eldest son of Wing Chun’s Grand Master Ip Man, Ip Chun, and his most senior western student Sifu Shaun Rawcliffe. After an application to attend the seminar, Sifu Rawcliffe agreed that Steve and Dave could attend.

1993 –>

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