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Cheltenham Wing Chun Kuen (CWCK) do not run specific beginners classes, all new students join the main class and start their integration into our family like association from day one. Each class has students at different levels on our training syllabus and each is taught according to their own personal needs as determined by our qualified and experienced coaches.

As a new student, you are entitled to a FREE introductory lesson which can be used to join in or observe. If you intend to join in, please wear something appropriate such as a T-shirt, training trousers and training shoes. Once you become a full member you will be issued a club training T-shirt which forms part of your training ‘uniform’. Your first session should be used to decide if Wing Chun fits in with your personal circumstances and whether or not you want to return for subsequent sessions.

If you decide to return you can attend any of our regular sessions at a cost of £7.50 per session (each session is 2 hours). During your introductory period you will be an associated member of Cheltenham Wing Chun Kuen, but not a full member.

The introductory period will last a minimum of 16 sessions (including your free session) which should give you the ability to assess our classes, students and instructors. At the end of this period, you should have all the information you need to decide to accept or decline our joining invitation if one is given. Your attendance through the introductory sessions also gives us the ability to make a preliminary physical and mental assessment of you to determine whether we think you will be a suitable student of CWCK.

Subsequent to your invitation to join you must either accept or decline. If you decline you will not be able to continue your training with us. If you accept we will request that you complete a club membership application form and pay an initial membership fee of £42.00 that covers membership, insurance for the first 12 months and includes a FREE club training T-shirt. Additional shirts are available at £8.00 each from our shop >>

Membership and Insurance must be renewed annually, subsequent years are charged at £32.00.

PLEASE NOTE – If any student has a continuous run of non-attendance covering 6 weeks or more that students’ membership and insurance will become invalid and they will no longer be a member of Cheltenham Wing Chun Kuen. If a student wishes to continue their training after this they will be required to re-start the introductory period subsequent to which they will be required to pay the initial membership and insurance premium of £42.00.

The above may be avoided by consulting with the Sifu/ Instructor in any cases of extended absence.

N.B. – All insurances are arranged through our National Governing Body the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts (BCCMA). Information on the BCCMA can be found by following the link below:


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