Cheltenham Wing Chun Kuen adopts the standard assessment approach of it’s parent organisation, Midlands Wing Chun Kuen.

Assessments are structured so that both the instructor and the student can identify strengths and weaknesses of the individual assessing in order to determine their needs to ensure ongoing development.

Assessments themselves are conducted by Sifu Shaun Rawcliffe to ensure a consistency in teaching across schools in the organisation. If developmental themes are identified they are tackled at the source of teaching instigating discussion across the instructor group. This in turn allows students and instructors to measure and monitor progression through the Wing Chun system.

Assessments are held every six months and each student is tasked with performing movements and techniques, as defined within their particular assessment syllabus, while being observed. Most assessments require the submission of an essay allowing students to demonstrate their knowledge on some of the finer points. Assessments undoubtedly add pressure to the student but this allows determination of their performance under controlled stressful conditions. This, however, is tempered with the months of pre-assessment observation undertaken by their instructors. Stress affects all in different ways but if the student can learn to control their reaction to stress it will help  preparation for the ultimate stress loading that a physical attack will induce.

After the assessments the overall performance of the students and any development themes are discussed within the instructor group. Once all essays have been submitted and reviewed each student receives and assessment report that identifies what they did well and areas to focus on for improvement.  Each student is encouraged to discuss the content with an instructor in order to ensure that the correct meaning is derived from the comments.

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